Vitamin Dee Project


I remember my junior year of college, I was in a rut. A deep, deep emotional rut and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. So many external factors were not lining up the way I wanted them to it was taking a mental toll on me, and directly affected how I was in class, at practice, at work. I wasn’t having witty and corny comebacks either, and that’s when you know something’s up. With all the no’s I was getting, I needed a yes. I needed a catalyst to change my , and I was sick of moping around.

One afternoon on a bus ride, I was chatting with the bus driver about his day. Well, he was chatting with me, nonstop. I was more than happy to lend him a listening ear, and then I realized how the simple act of asking him about his day was probably liberating for the poor guy…all he does is drive in the same . For the first time a in while, I smiled. The easy task of simply listening to this nice bus driver made him appreciative and by golly, I feel like I won the Nobel Peace Prize. I can change the freaking world. The rest of that week, I was attentive to all the little blessings in our day that we overlook: trying a new latte , seeing a fat squirrel on campus devour a hot Cheeto, a deadline extension for a huge paper. It seemed like all these are negligible, but with my focus on these little things, these minute moments were pivotal. That kind of gratification was my YES in life, and in a naive and overly simple kind of way, I felt invincible (is there such a thing as a hopeless optimist? The negativity ain’t got nothing on me anymore. So far, it’s been a cool journey.

Since then, I vowed to take time each day to holler at the little things. I’m healthy, I’m alive, and I have good company in my life, and that is something to boast about. From that moment on, making others happy is something I’m passionate about and in turn, it’s made me a happy person, too. I’ve reached out to many people, talked with high school groups, and emailed people that have influenced me in this dorky mission of mine.

This is my way to spread the love. Feel free to grab a shovel and come dig life with me 🙂 The Vitamin Dee Project is my social project for spreading the love and getting you a dose of the sunshine vitamin (so cheesy, sorry not sorry)!

We all can get caught up in the fast-paced nature and mundaneness of life with work/school/whatever that it is easy to forget just how much of a blessing life is.

A daily dose of the sunshine vitamin is recommended for everyone, as it is proven to contribute to calcium absorption in bones and decreasing the chances of depression — what’s up, science?! Folks, we’re talking about health and happiness here, two things that money cannot buy. Exceptional sunsets, strangers paying for your coffee, kids saying ridiculous things, all the above has made me laugh/smile/motivated/inspired/happy…you get the point.  Take the Vitamin Dee challenge: give a shout out to something awesome every single day, as practicing gratitude keeps us grounded. 

Nothing but love,



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