About Me

Hey, what’s up? I’m Dee.

I’m a twentysomething gal living in the Mile High City. It’s pretty here.

Professionally in the AM: Being a millennial, I’m enamored by digital media, and obsessed with cool work and cool people. In the evolving mobile world today, the rhetoric of our ideas and proliferation of knowledge fascinates me. Having studied Communication and Digital Media at the best school ever, AKA, The University of Colorado Boulder, I geek out reading about revolutions in the tech world, and groovy typography fascinates me. Via day, I “work” with hashtags and content creation, and I get to nerd out. Not only does social media and PR involvement help pay rent, but it satisfies my right-side brain.

Professionally in the PM: I’ve danced for 9 years now (kind of a rookie in the grand scheme of the dance world), and currently dancing in the pro industry.  I have danced for a nationally-ranked collegiate team for four years and currently on my fourth pro team, hoping to continue to expand and grow. Work hard and stay hungry, people! Via night, I either have dance practice or a game to perform at. Talk about dream job.

Nomadically: One time, I went abroad to Europe for 10 weeks, 6 of which I spent studying abroad in Italy. Eight countries and 17 cities later, fireworks sparked and love for travel and I ignited and is inextinguishable. Last summer, I backpacked across 9 countries in Europe. If you want to dwell in my wanderlust with me, I recently launched a travel blog with a homie, and I have a column as an alumna with my study abroad program. Florence will forever be one of my favorite cities on this planet. Google Piazzale Michelangelo and pretend you’re sitting there with your good pals with some cheap wine and the best pizza. Oh, and cue the street performer on guitar and the sunset. It’s probably the most beautiful thing next to Love. I plan to travel most of the world one day, and have a list of places I want to live in for my twenties — care to join for either venture?

Personally: I live off the premise of being kind, practicing gratitude and striving to be my best. Cheesy, I know, but cheese makes a lot of things better. I’m a daughter of two amazing humans, big sis of three weirdos, colleague of some intelligent folks, and a friend of some really freaking cool people. I believe that fellow homosapiens are the essence of moments we remember, and a huge root of our knowledge. Hence, I’m all about it. Let’s connect.

Randomly: I aspire to be a food truck and food market aficionado — stems from being a foodie and Food Network enthusiast. I sometimes like to think that I’m an amateur cook. I’m a coffee advocate. So much that I became a barista in my spare time. I also like to write, which not many people know. But now you do. I want to co-host The Ellen Show. #MissionDeegeneres, can we make this trend?

How I turnip

Nice to meet you, let’s grab coffee sometime.


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