Thank You Note | Sabrina


Dear Sabrina,

This thank-you note is for you, sweet friend.

Today was one of the best and most challenging days in my living 23 years of existence. It’s ironic I’m even writing about it, because no words suffice when it comes to conceptualizing our friendship.

I remember on our first day making the same dance team, it was the awkward small talk of hey, where are you from?, oh you’re from California? and what are you studying at school? That same afternoon, we disclosed to each other our dream of dancing in the NBA and how cool it would be.

Fast forward two years later, we made the same team again, our dance dream in fruition. This was truly and genuinely fate, as it allowed us to reconnect and pick up exactly where we left off. From young college grads into the women we are today, the growth and transformation I see in us makes me proud. Here we are, living out one of our dreams, and here we are, dreaming bigger and more, and ready for what’s next to come in our lives. It’s an empowering feeling.

Fast forward again to tonight. I knew the moment would have to come, when I’d have to hug you and say goodbye (aka, see you soon), and I’d pretend that I am super strong and won’t cry. Wishful thinking. I couldn’t help but try to mask my tears with nervous laughter and cracking a few dumb jokes, but in the end, my emotions trumped strength, and I couldn’t help but hug it out, cry it out, and above all, let my heart embrace everything that we’ve been through together.

Before I call it a night, I feel this urge to process these remarkable feelings of joy and absolute fulfillment. In this very moment, I am beyond thankful. Thankful for you, my dear friend. That is an understatement.


Through our friendship, (whether you realize or not) you’ve taught me grace, shown me great strength, and exude beauty that not only brings the boys to the yard, it brings great joy to whoever you cross. It’s a blessing. You are crazy talented, with crazy potential. Your ambition will take you places, I know this for sure.

Thank you for doing my makeup for games, letting me borrow your clothes, and offering me your snacks. Thank you for being my Galentine, trying mango lassi and homemade chai with me. Thank you for visiting the UK with me, getting me hooked on cider, and making up cities that don’t exist. Thanks for harmonizing in the car with me. Thank you for being a source of encouragement and praise, and sunshine. Thanks for understanding my humor, and laughing with me. Thank you for making my Snapchat game strong.


After our quick goodbye tonight, I went home to rush upstairs to my room.  I cuddle up into a ball to read the card you’d given me this morning before our Gandhi encounter. Opening the envelope, I take out the friendship necklace tucked in front of the card. My tear ducts fluke majorly, and I let it happen. It got excessive as I opened your card, enscribed with words that tug on all the heartstrings.

Gratitude and full appreciation for you, homie, one of the most wonderful humans I’ve met in my life. I am stoked to see what we can overcome together, as our friendship is such a powerful force, which I’ve learned to build into my character. Thank you.

Lesson to us all? When you find someone this special, cherish it deeply. These are called your best friends, soul sisters/brothers, your backbone in life, and inspiration to be the best version of you, because they have this magical power to make you yearn to do so.

Thank you, Wasabi. I love you dearly, and I’m so happy for our friendship and the impact you’ve made on my life.  I also hope I don’t wake up with puffy eyes with the waterworks going on right now. Let’s take on the world, and be the change we wish to see in it 😉

Keep shining, as your presence and heart are a gift to this world. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. See you on the flip, bestie.

All my love,


One of our only ‘normal’ photos 



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