Love At First Site

Greetings, fine folks!

Let’s cut to the chase. So…since December, I started a low-key, passionate love affair. It’s all I can think about, I consider it my better half, and it brings out one of my best sides.

I’m ready to share this news with you guys…


The tale of love at first site:

So at work, I met a sista from anotha mista. Her name is Francesca. After talking one night, I learned she’s a fellow globetrotter, and our conversation soon became full of oohs and ahhs and lols. We couldn’t stifle our excitement and curiosity to see the world. We decided to become FBO, and found we had a mutual friend…from Budapest. The rest of that night, we discovered just how small the world is.

The next couple of days, we joked about starting a travel blog so we could low-key gush about our travel stories. Then every day for the next several weeks, we stayed after work for hours, stayed up into the wee hours of the night, and ambushed local coffee shops, glued to our laptops. Many iced chais and coding dreams later, a baby was born and named, The Compass Chronicles. Hallelujah.

Sorry, Fran-dawg

Since our launch date on the New Year, we’ve been connecting with the travel and creative community, and it’s been quite the cool experience, as we’ve met some really freakin’ rad folks out there. Fran and I also came up with a super dope milestone that I really really REALLY want to share with y’all. Trust and believe when that day comes, you’ll hear about it.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll join our adventures, laugh with (or probably at) us, and if anything, go out and do something you love and let it consume you. Compass Chronicles is something that makes me excited to wake up and create something great, it’s inspired me to reach out and put myself out there, and ultimately, makes me SO anxious to travel again. It’s my new bae.

With this lil’ project we are nurturing and tending to every day, we hope to bring really cool work, and really cool people to the table. Take a gander, if you will!

Social plug: we are also on the ‘Gram, FB, and the Twittersphere.

Ciao for now,





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